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CUE2 UI scaling issue with DSR / downsampling mode / suddenly deleted profiles


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Hey guys! :D:

I recently upgraded my cue software to version 2 and it's great. But i have a really annoying problem. When ever i start a game with downsampling activated at 2880x1620 or 4k or whatever higher than native resolution on my 1080p, the UI elements just go nuts and become ultra huge like shown in the screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/QOgM4

A software restart fixes the problem temporarly but as soon as i start a game with DSR again, i get the same bug.


EDIT: and now suddenly all of my profiles got deleted... wtf is wrong with CUE2. I think i gonna revert back when this software keeps behaving like it wants too.

Any idea why these strange things are happening? :evil: pls help :D


System: i5 3570k@4,2GHZ; GTX 780ti; 16GB 2400MHZ DDR3 ram.

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