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Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System, Remote Broken

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I was about to go to sleep now and I pressed the button to shut my speakers after a long day/night of playing games for 10 hours and I broke the remote. This time I used my thumb to shut it off which was a very bad move, I pressed it too hard and I mashed the button into the remote, speakers won't turn on at all now. Luckally, I play games/use my computer/watch movies etc on a 50 inch Sony W800b TV on game mode and other scene/picture settings for watching movies/tv shows and I can use my televisions speaker sound for now and my secondary BenQ 27 inch Invisible Bezel Panel has speakers too.


Can I get a replacement remote? I guess I will have to go through some warranty process, pretty sure I still have the manual for it anyway and I have the original box, have had this since September 1 2013-January 15 2014, forgot exactly when I got it but I am sure it was inbetween those dates.


Just wanna know for sure that they will be able to provide me with one.






It is probably the best 2.1 Computer Speaker system in the world and they are still sold so I don't see why it would be a problem for Corsair to replace the remote for me. I am in Canada.

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