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570X Crystal Case isn't available for the holidays


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I have seen several reviews on You-Tube for the 570x Crystal Case......

I had been waiting for the Christmas sales to buy a 760T----

(was waffling between the 760T & the 780T)

now I find out about this case----

I thought---YES this is the case I want for Christmas.

NOW ITS NOT FOR SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

should I even buy a Corsair case now when I get the money--- I spent

my Christmas money on a 1070 FTW graphics card because the 570X

wasn't available.....

so in a few months,,after saving up my money,, I'm now not even sure I will buy a Corsair case to replace my old case.

I have Corsair ram,,a corsair cpu cooler,, a corsair ssd card.....

but after this I'm thinking they have bad customer relations

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