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PlayStation 4 Mouse Support [Dev Needed]


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My name is Sam and I currently own 4 m65s. I am a corsair fanboy. I use corsair cases, fans, mouse, keyboard, headset, you name it. I would never wish to use another peripheral other than corsair.


That being said, the current firmware on corsair devices make it impossible to use my newest m65 pro on my PlayStation 4. However, Logitech, Razor, and Steel Series all work with the PlayStation 4.


I am requesting for a developer to give feedback as to a possibility that a firmware update in the near future might allow me to continue supporting corsair in all things gaming. I would hate, HATE, to use a different mouse.


This seems like market share you could gain by addressing the issue in a firmware update or the release of a PlayStation 4 mouse.


Any feedback is appreciated,



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