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K70 Rapidfire Red LED Unwanted key press


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Good day. I have recently purchased a K70 Rapidfire Red LED because I read that this is the best mechanical keyboard as the reviews mentioned. I am quite disappointed when I plugged the keyboard and saw weird random characters on a row of keys (example: from tab to } on the qwerty row of keyboard) when I press p for instance. The same thing is happening on this thread http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=136995 however the fix mentioned on this does not apply to my case. Its a new keyboard and I just took it out of the box plugged to usb 3.0 and installed CUE. I would like to know how to proceed with this and possibly have a permanent fix as it is quite frustrating for this keyboard as everyone knows it is not really cheap. Thank you in advance for your help. Have a good day.


System info as follows:


Motherboard : MSI z170A

OS : Windows 10 Home 64-bit

CPU: Intel I5 6600k

RAM : 16gb

GPU : msi GTX 1070

Keyboard: K70 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Cherry MX Speed

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You will most likely need to RMA the device.

Perform the following tests and if you fail then you will need to contact Corsair Support


1. Move the switch to BIOS does this still happen?

2. Exit CUE completely does this still happen?

3. try the keyboard in another computer does this still happen?

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