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Cant install CUE


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Hello !


I bought

  • Corsair keyboard K70 RapidFire RGB Mechanical

  • Corsair mouse M65 RGB Blk Optical


Both work great but i got a problem when i try to install CUE on my pc

I did download both versions of CUE from the official corsair gaming site

  • CUE 2.6.79

  • CUE 1.16.42

But unfortunatly i cant install either of them.

The CUE 2.6.79 wont even start to install , i double click on the icon and nothing happens. The CUE 1.16.42 version works , i installed it but when i try to start the CUE , i get an error ( CM_request_Device_EjectW cant find in the library CFGMGR32.dll )


I cant figure out what the problem is , any ideas ? ^^

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Unfortunately CUE 1.8 was released way before the RAPIDFIRE or M65 RGB PRO products were available. Your only option is to upgrade to a newer Windows version unfortunately... :(:


Unless you find a way to backport the DDL to Vista, but even that might not work properly. The lowest Windows version supported is Windows 7.

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