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color profiles not loading right.


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hey guys. so when ever i try to load an rgb profile it sets the lighting effects to either nothing or just spiral rainbow. so far the only non stock profile i have been able to get to load, is from in CUE called blue embers. i just got this last night so i may be doing something wrong. i click on import/export. select import from the dropdown, hit browse, navigate to the profile, hit open, then click import. i have already opened the file in notepad to verify that it says k70 rgb rapidfire.


it also does the same thing to me when i try to import a profile from the cue browser. it will load the preview when i click on the profile. then i hit the checkbox and import, it will continue to show the proper profile until i click the profile in the top left corner, then it changes to spiral rainbow. if i click another profile it changes to the proper profile, but then i click the new one again and its just spiral rainbow.



running CUE 2.6.79

firmware 2.05

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