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Link 4 Problems


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Hi All

I'm new to Corsair coolers and Link 4 so at this stage I'm not sure if my problems are user error/inexperience or the Link software is as bad as the hundreds of negative comments I've read seems to suggest. I'd be grateful for some advice if any about how to make LInk work properly.


I'm using an H115r cooler and latest version of Link 4 (firmware 2.8). My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7, 6700K, 32GB RAM, Windows 7 HP x 64.


1. The Devices section shows one "MB Fan" when NONE are connected. The two radiator fans are shown as a single device as expected. The GPU fan is a single fans and is shown as such under Devices. If I connect the three case fans I have then Devices shows four MB Fans. All the fans are PWM 4-pin devices.


2. None of the MB fans show any options for individual manual control ie "Mode" when I click on them.


3. If I adjust the radiator fans only eg Quiet, Performance, Max etc, ALL my MB fans respond simultaneously.


4. Gigabyte's SIV fan control on the other hand seesm to work fine. All fans can be controlled separately. Is there any downside to uninstalling Link 4 and just using SIV? What role does the USB pump block connection play with Link removed? The Corsair hardware seem ok but will I get the full benefit without Link 4?


So far, I find this product a big disappointment but it's my own fault for not spending more time reading user comments before I purchased.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Corsair Link will not control your MB fans. Corsair Link will only control fans connected to CL hardware.


If you find the SIV interface to fit your needs, I'd highly suggest using SIV. Red-ray is responsive to users, and does a nice job of supporting people. I think it depends on the cooler you have, if SIV will be able to control the pump, but this is normally fine just running a single continuous speed.


The pump block connections for fans can be used on the coolers and controller with SIV. (I believe this is the case, I gave up on Corsair, I couldn't deal with the $%it any longer.)


If you are having luck with SIV, I'd dump CL. Just set it up so it doesn't run on startup, if you ever need it for any purpose, you can start it manually, and make any change needed, and shut it down again.


CL is what it is. Don't expect any fixes in any reasonable time frame. Expect Corsair to make promises, and not deliver. Corsair really doesn't have much of a clue when it comes to software. I can't imagine a time when CL works as well as SIV!

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Yes, Link won't control fans connected to the motherboard. You can use Link to set the pump profile i.e. Quiet or performance and the pump led colour and then uninstall Link altogether and use SIV. As said above Red Ray is excellent at supporting users of his software (although he does get a bit grumpy if you ask him a question and don't give him enough information).
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