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keyboard double types


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I have a corsair strafe rgb with brown switches, it's about a year old, and i have noticed lately that some of the keys, some times double type, mostley when i don't press the key all the way down, but only to the actuation point, so my quistion is before i send it too repare, is it normal for thiis keyboard to this or could there be something wrong with it


i have tried switchitter and is dose show that sometimes it double types (probably not the right word)


keyboard software and firmware is up to date





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Same problem here, but mine is almost new, bought it two months aggo and it started double typing ga few days aggo.


(I'm not correcting gdouble keys on purpose so you can see how horrible it is)


Only some specific lletters double type, tried forcing the firmware update but it's not changing ganything.


CUE is also up to date.


Seems to happen only with L S and GG (see...)

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the problem was mostly resolved by plugging the keyboard usb into usb 2.0 and the leaving the usb for the port on the keyboard in usb 3.0

I can not make the issue repeat itself (no pun intended) in apps like word/notepad etc... but in this chat window I'm getting a couple of repeat keystrokes.


tried cleaning and it helps for an hour or so if that - coincidence that I didn't notice it that long???


advice from ticket (although did next to nothing while the keyboard was still plugged into usb 3.0):

Please reconnect the keyboard, hold Esc button when you plug it in. Make sure you disable USB selective suspend (found in the Power Options of Control Panel, Advanced Power settings). And test it on another system.


If the problem still persisting, for validate the warranty, please provide the following and upload to the Attachment section below. Afterwards respond back with a ticket comment so that we know it's been attached, thanks. Thank you.

1. Photo/screenshot/PDF of your invoice

2. Picture of the lot code


oh and btw they are hassling me due to my name not being on the invoice that I got reprinted from the store where I purchased it (well under 1 year)

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