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Need help setting up my new k70 RGB


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Hello all, sorry if i'm asking something that has been answered but ive been looking everywhere for this set up. I went to blizzcon with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and stopped at your corsair booth. I fell in love with the K70 RGB keyboard and spoke to the corsair rep about the specs and such. He said to me that it auto configures to the game that you play and will light up the keys corresponding to the character you play. Such as the W,S,A,D movement keys, as well as the Shift, E, and Q for ultimate. After he told me about that, i hinted to my BF that i wanted that keyboard. So he bought it for me yesterday and i was trying to set it up. Once i loaded in the overwatch game, no keys were lit. Am i missing something here? like a simple button push to light it up or was i conned? Thank you al;l again for your time in helping me solve this matter, i hope it is very simple so i can be truly satisfied with this product.
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What i believe the rep said was CUE's ability to switch profiles based off what application is focused. e.g. Overwatch, Counter Strike, etc and the SDK abilities. Though your description does sound something like what AURORA does.


In order for profile switching to work, you will need to install Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) then create profiles for each game to your liking e.g. Lighting effects, custom key assignments, etc.


To get started;


CUE can be downloaded here;



Unofficial CUE 2 manual



Subsection for Profile Discussion;



AURORA - Third party software that changes the keyboard's lighting based off in-game events.


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