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Brand new MM800 RBG Polaris not working


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So I just got home with my brand new MM800 RBG Polaris mouse matt, plugged it in and I could see the beautiful RBG colours.


I went to download the latest CUE 2 software, and then it told me there was an update for the MM800 mouse matt.


When I clicked update, the mouse matt dissapeared from my CUE 2 software, and its impossible to get it back.


I've tried several installs/uninstalls/repairs, reboots, different USB ports (2.0 and 3.0), nothing happens.


The USB pass-through works, but there just isnt any light in it, and it doesnt show up in the CUE 2 either.


When I open CUE 2, it briefly shows the M800 RBG Polaris "DEMO", but then it removes it again.


In my CUE2 I have my K70 RBG and my M65 RBG, but I also have a "Demo Void Wireless".




I am extremely tempted to go back to the retailer and tell them I want my money back, but id like to know if there is any fix for this or not?

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Maybe the firmware flash didn't work properly and bricked it. Were you using USB 3.0 to flash the new FW perhaps? It is known to have some issues.


Your best option is to submit a ticket and see if there is a way to do an hard-reset for the firmware. Otherwise you should probably get it exchanged (or get your money back if you want to).

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