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K70 RGB not working under Linux:


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I noticed some Linux threads here but it seems they are either old or not relevant to my issue, reason I'm posting a new one.


My K70 RGB doesn't work correctly under Linux for some reason. When booting, the boot screen stays around 30-45 seconds stuck in detecting udev then after the lights of the keyboard turn off the process continues but the keyboard won't work anymore. No issues under Windows.


It is connected to USB 3.0 port (only the cable with a keyboard in the plug, the other being disconnected). My motherboard is an ASUS Maximum VII Hero Alpha with the latest firmware. Both Windows and Linux boot under EFI. I have rEFInd bootloader installed and the keyboard works normally on it (stops working after the kernel starts to boot). Now, sometimes, for some reason, the keyboard works but I couldn't figure out the conditions for it.


In summary, what are the first requirements I have to check for the keyboard to work normally under linux? Any kernel settings? Any initramfs settings? Since there is an unnoficial linux driver in this site, I believe it is supposed to work under linux, right?


Thank you everyone.



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