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Bad Memory XMS3000C2PT (V2.1)


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I have been running this chip for about 2 years, but recently I have been experiancing lockups and random reboots under my win2K server under moderate to heavy loads.


After troubleshooting for 3 days, I removed this chip and VIOLA! Everything worked w/o a hiccup again (albeit slower (less memory)).


Do I just contact Customer Support or do I wait for a RamGuy reply?




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The stuff on the stick on label reads as follows:







Server specs:


Gigabyte GA-7DPX-DW+ (Bios F5)

2X Athlon MP 2600s

2X Corsair 256 MB chips (Platinum heatspreaders) (and a bad 512 Meg)

Radeon 9800 Pro AIW

2X WD Cavair 200 GB PATA

1X WD Cavair 80 GB PATA

Samsung CD-RW and DVD ROM

500 Watt PSU


No Over Clocking. I actually had to set the ram timings to the most relaxed because setting the timing option in BIOS to AUTO would cause my PC to restart when it began to load windows. :confused:

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