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Keys typing strange characters


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I purchased the K70 rapidfire in September for my son's birthday. It was fantastic for the first 2 months now it is doing strange thisngs . Pressing the plus key(+) on the numpad cause the windows lock and unlock to cycle on or offa nd if I open up word it is actually typing /*-/*-+. Other Keys are doing similar things example when P is pressed it gives iopu[eqrtwy

Keyboard has been tested on multiple PC's with the same result

I did see on a previous post that someone else had this issue and the only solution was to raise an RMA

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Has any liquid been spilled on the keyboard? Its strange to see something like that occur if it has been fine for 2 months.


You can put in a support ticket with Corsair and ask for instructions for a hard reset. If its a firmware related issue, then the hard reset should resolve the issue. If not, then you'll likely have to replace it via a RMA (If there is no liquid damage).



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