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Purchase K70 RGB Lux keycaps?

Hybrid Divide

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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


I've been a K70 RGB (Brown switches) owner for about a year now. Very happy with it! Kinda wish I had known the Lux was coming when I bought mine, though. I'd have probably waited a bit to get that version.


(Too bad there's no way to upgrade for a small fee! lol)


ANYWAY! My question is for the kind people at Corsair. Is there any way I could purchase a set of the newer keycaps for the K70 RGB Lux? I like the different font, and how it'll show more light through the legend.


Really think you should have stuck with an untextured keyboard, though.


I don't have the money for a whole new keyboard right now, but I really want a set of those keys!


Can you guys help me out?


Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

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