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460x RGB Case Top Radiator


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I don't see why not. As per the compatibility chart(see below) you should be able to fit the 240mm without issues. I'm sure you wont have room for a push/pull setup but a pull setup, installing fans(exhausting air) on top of the radiator, attached to the top vent should be great.


PS- I have the same ram(RipJaws V), ill post a pic later, not the same case but same size so everything internal should be similar.


I have a 400C which is similar in dimensions and I could almost fit my 280(which uses 2X140 fans) on the top.



This should work great because you'll have the three front 120mm fans intake(if using this setup) and the radiator at the top extracting air. Should also have another one on the rear as exhaust.


Radiator Compatibility: 360mm: Front only (395mm max radiator length).

280mm: Front only.

240mm: Front or Top.

120mm: Front, Top, or Rear.

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I just put together my 460x RGB and the best place for the radiator I found was to mount it on the front behind the top two case fans with the long screws. The radiator hose is toward the bottem of the case. I just can't imagine another way of doing it as the radiator hoses are stubborn and not as easy to menauvre as you might like. I cant see the radiator being mounted on the top with fans underneath. Also, the magnetic dust filter does reduce the efficieny of the fans attatched on the top. You can always remove the dust filter but I bought the 3 pack of the hd 120 rgb fans and I have two on the top removing hot air from the care and one will be attached to my msi 1080 seahawk X when that comes in the mail. Only issue I have is all my rgb fans are connected to the LED hub attached to the case but the front 3 orginal fans are the only ones changing colors, tge ones I got in the 3 pack just display white. I don't know why this is.
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