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Do I need to register my product


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Hey everyone


I bought a Corsair H100i GTX and I was looking around the manual and what not to see where I go to register the cooler, Anyway I gave up looking since I bought a 2 year warranty at the place of purchase.


Now I bought a H80i v2 yesterday for an AMD system I have and I looked threw the warranty guide and I found nothing stating I needed to register although I read most of it not all of the info, I could have missed it. Anyway the guy at Micro Center kept saying I have to make sure register it just in case it fails or leaks or whatever. I found a few old threads saying that you don't need to register as long as you have proof of purchase, the threads were from like 2008 and 2011, not sure if that still applies.


Anyway, can anyone point me to the right place if I have to register my products, because I got a lot of corsair products and and would liked to stay within the warranty period. Thanks!

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Registration or not, just pray to god himself that you never have to use that warranty!


I have never been through a more convoluted, time consuming, unresponsive process in my life. Nearly two weeks later i'm still waiting for confirmation of something, anything. Oh and I had the privilege of paying £15 to send them back their broken stuff!


Some of us do actually use the PC's that Corsair's products are in. 3 week turnaround times aren't acceptable.

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