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H80i v2 with ml120 fans question


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Hi all im just new to the water cooling world just a few questions. I have a h80i v2 and a graphic 230t case with a asus hero viii mob intel 6700k skylake 4gz processer. I am switching all my case fans to ml120's 3 intake. (frontx2 bottom x1) which will be hooked up to cha fan 3-4.

And exhaust will be 2x top of the case and 2x h80i v2.

Would it be ok if i used Y splitters and connected all my exhaust fans to the provided h80i pump connections? And use corsait link to control exhaust fans through the cpu-fan plug? Or should i run the exhaust fans off the bios asus mob?

I would like to use the pwm control feature. Or should I just run the ml120's on the h80i separately?


Thank you very much for the replys

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Theoretically, the H80i v2 should be able to handle the current draw from 4 ML120's. However, I am not sure it's worth the trouble and may not be the ideal solution. If you tie them into the H80i, they will also run based on the coolant temperature inside the unit. There are plenty of scenarios where you may wish to have independent control of the top and rear fans. Since your motherboard has plenty of fan control capability, I would connect the top fans to one of the available CHA fan headers with a splitter. They can be set to low speeds for desktop work or higher values later. Apparently, the Asus Z170 does not let you link case fan speeds to VRM temp like on X99, but you do have some native BIOS fan spin up/down delays to make using CPU temp less annoying. Unless you have a compelling reason to tie the two sets of fans together, I would hook them into the motherboard.
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