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Unfortunately at the time I purchased my computer, I couldn't afford much, which leads to my current, year and a half old Compaq Presario S4000J, which, with its exciting FIC AM35 motherboard (which, convienently enough, isn't listed in the Memory Finder's Motherboard/Manufacturer list) has a FSB speed of 133MHz.



This is probably what leads to the exciting results from the memory finder, of suggesting PC2100 in 128, 256 and 512mb. As useful as that is (and as unintentionally cynical as the beginning of this sentence is), it doesn't assist me in 'future-proofing' my computer (...who would want to future-proof a Compaq?!)... Which leads to my question...


Would a 512mb stick of PC3200 Corsair memory work on an FIC AM35 motherboard? (or if not Corsair, maybe someone else, but Corsair seems to be the best - although that's not what Compaq has in there right now). I've heard PC3200, PC2700 and PC2100 are all backward compatible, but before I buy something that's not going to work in my computer, I'd like to be sure. Since PC3200/PC2700 would have the chance of being more useful in a future computer (since PC2100 is nigh out of date), they'd seem to be the better choice. So I'd assume the PC3200 would just slow down to PC2100.



Then again, I'm probably wrong and my motherboard will probably burst into flames - or become animate and shout at me or something; so can someone help me out? :confused:

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I'd still like to know whether PC3200 or PC2700 would work on the motherboard. If one of the higher speeds works, then I'll be able to use it later without hampering my computer in the future (because I plan on eventually getting a new motherboard, that supports higher than a 133MHz bus speed).



I know the memory finder only recommends the 3 PC2100 sticks (of 128, 256 and 512)...but those can't be the only corsair memory that will work on my motherboard, can they? I'm not worried about exceptional speed, the boost from 256mb to 768mb will well make up for it.

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