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CMX512RE-3200LL TwinX


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I purchased 1 gig (2x512 TwinX Memory Modules). The PC has been extremely unstable ever since I put the RAM in so I decided to test the memory with MemTest86. Everything was fine until the end of test #5. At that time MemTest86 showed a bunch of error's. I powered down the PC & grounded myself out, pulled out one of the memory sticks & tried MemTest86 again. Right off the bat I had a bunch of error's this time. I stopped the test at #3 & powered down the PC again. I swapped out the module with the one I had removed previously & started up Memtest86 again. It ran through 2 complete cycles without error & since I've removed the second stick my system seems to be a lot more stable. If there's a way for me to repair the RAM myself I'd be willing to do it. If not, I love the RAM & you guys make an awesome product so if it's alright I'd just like to send it in for a replacement.

My PC Spec's:

AMD 64 fx-53

Asus SK8V Motherboard

1Gig of TwinX XMS3200R 400MHz (Currently 512mb, Only One Stick In)

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I just have them set to optimal for the test. Normally I disable almost all of the onboard features except for the Gig-Lan. Other then that I really don't mess with much else other then turning off the IDE FastTrack thing. I only do that to speed up the PC boot.

Since I've determined which one was the bad stick & have removed it from my system it hasn't crashed once. I was dealing with 4 to 5 crashed per day running WinXP Pro. I took it out Saturday morning & have been running 3 days now crash free.

I received an RMA in my email but it states that because I have TWINX that I'll have to send in both sticks. Is there any way around this? I just started college. In-fact, today is my first day & sending in both sticks will leave me without a PC for roughly 2 weeks when you factor in shipping & testing time. Not only that but I make a large part of my income from my PC so shutting it down is basically like putting a crimp on my cash flow for 2 weeks. I paid over $450 for this RAM less then 6 months ago. That's over $225 a stick! I'm not happy with the fact that I may now have to shut down my PC for 2+ weeks to get something repaired that shouldn't have been broken in the first place. For a long while I couldn't figure out why in the hell my PC was so unstable. It had been ever since I built it. I didn't even test the RAM because it came in "tested pairs"! I just assumed that for $450+ the RAM would never be the issue. I don't mean to get an attitude I'm sorry. Normally I'm pretty level-headed. It's just the thought of having to shut down my PC for that long is making me pretty mad. Anyway. Let me know please.

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