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Newest Versions of CUE block Port 80


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Good Evening


Recently I tried the newest Softwareversions of CUE v2.6.79 and v1.16.42 (after the problems came).

For some reason, CUE sometimes blocks every communication on port 80 from my computer. I cannot access any Website via Browser and some services like Origin don't work properly (Spotify and ICMP to still work perfect). Going back to version 2.4.66 fixed the problem for me.

Does anyone experience this prob too?


My System:

Windows 10 Prof. 64

Core i5 2500 K

Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3

AMD R9-270X

32 GB RAM 2133MHz

Corsair VOID Wireless

Roccat Isku and Kova



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