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K70 RGB new profile = always spiral rainbow


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Hi all,


I've registered here at this board because I've recently bought myself a K70 RGB Rapidfire and I have some issues with installing new profiles.



When I go into the Corsair program, I press on the top left the "menu" button (next to the Default). Then I select Import, I import the .PRF file and press "Save".


After these steps the keyboard does the "Spiral rainbow". Every single time. Even when I maken an extra profile BEFORE the import-step it does this.



I am doing something wrong here, but I cant figure out what it is. Or is there something wrong with the program/keyboard?



Please help!

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Try switching the advanced mode setting at the top, most profiles you download are made with that and will show only the default spiral rainbow in basic mode. Unlike CUE 1.x, where it was a per-profile setting (which you could also export), in CUE 2.x the basic/advanced mode is a global setting.
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Life can be so simple sometimes! Thank you very much @Terabyte


You're welcome :):


Update.... Why do I have to set these profiles again and again after restarting my pc? The keyboard will stay blacked out when I set a custom profile and will turn back to the spiral rainbow when I've set a stock profile (Like the "key = colour ripple")


Do you mean you're saving a profile on the onboard memory and it doesn't work when you restart? Because you can only save a static lighting profile on the memory, macros and effects require CUE running in the background to work.


Or do you mean something else?

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