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H100i v2 settings in corsair link


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I've got an AMD fx8120 cpu@4.3ghz and under balanced profile it hits just above 40degrees water temp. what makes the fans run at 100% speed, the pump is in quiet mode by default in this profile. Is it bad or weird to always run the pump in performance mode (full speed) and the fans in the more quiet balanced profile? The change in pump speeds makes almost 10degree difference. I also can't find a reset to default option so I don't know if the pump is supposed to run in quiet or performance mode? What mode do you guys run this at?
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You can run the pump in either mode as long as needed, although the large difference in performance you are describing is unusual for a double size radiator. Is the H100i Temp really reaching 40C? What kind of case/room temperature do you have?


I am really surprised at a 10C difference between pump speeds. I do not know AMD chips very well, so I won't make too many sweeping conclusions about the wattage, however make sure the motherboard header that supplies the H100i v2 power is set to 100%, 12v, PWM, or whatever language your motherboard used to describe a 12v signal. Any kind of pump or fan speed changes must be made through LINK. Do not use the BIOS to alter fan or pump speed. Off hand, that is only thing that might explain a 10C difference. If this is not true, we can look at environmental or local factors within the case.

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after a few hours of gaming these are the results:


ambient temp 20/21c

profile balanced (pump=quiet mode in this profile)

water temp max 43/44c

this makes the fans ramp up to 100% (2700rmp) at 40c


profile balanced (with pump set to performance)

water temp max 37c

fans max out at 2100rmp and are a lot more quiet


Is this difference normal?


airflow in the case is good.

case: corsair 450d

intake: 2x140mm fan front, 1x120mm fan bottom

outlet: 1x120mm fan, and the 2x120mm from the h100i

gpu is reference so most of the heat goes out the back.


corsair link works perfect, I can make changes to fan and pump speed from minimum to max speed so I guess it's gets full power


attached screenshot of idle system with quiet and with performance mode this resulted in a 20c core temp difference.


edit: I looked in the BIOS and the setting "cpu q-fan function" was enabled so I disabled this but I don't see any difference to my temps or my rpm still have the full range of the fans in corsair link, so I think the BIOS already gave it full power.




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Is that screen shot after some gaming? 10-13C over the room temp is a higher than normal, but might reflect case temperature. The drives are around 27C. That is closer to what I would expect at idle for your room temp.


The fan set up and flow direction all look fine and that is the way most people set it up. Is there anything that might restrict the radiator air flow, like a dust filter or an actual carpeted layer of dust blocking the radiator?


At your next convenient opportunity, open Link right after a cold boot (or if the PC has been asleep for a while). Take an H100i (water temp) reading right away. It should be just a sliver about room temp, but will slowly rise. It should level off at +4-7C above the room temp after 5-10 minutes. Let the PC idle. You can use browsers or basic programs, but don't apply moderate CPU or GPU loads like gaming or benchmarks. Take that reading at 10 minutes and let it go 10 minutes more, measuring the H100i Temp at 15 and 20 minutes. The H100i Temp should be even during the second stage. If it continues to climb, that might suggest a pump problem. If it does not, that means your higher than expected water temperature is either actual CPU heat working its way out of the system or waste heat from another source, including high case temperatures.

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Just edited my previous post. new screenshots and info added :) FYI: The FX-8120 is a 125W cpu! and that is on stock speed (3.1ghz) this one runs at 4.3ghz at the moment. I know these things run really hot, especially overclocked this also explains the higher than normal socket temp. Maybe the extra heat from the motherboard vrm's to power this idiot wattage AMD design could explain the extra temp? If I feel the exhaust fan at the back the air feels cold...
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