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Corsair Link Install/Uninstall Default Fan speed not working


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I recently just built a new PC with an: i7 6700k, Z170X Gaming 5 mb, MSI GTX1070, 16gb memory etc and the Corsair H110i Liquid cooling (280mm).


I installed the Corsair Link dashboard program to see what it had to offer, but after a while I noticed that the fans like to suddenly speed up for a few seconds when a new process is initiated, like opening a browser or tab etc.


I have since uninstalled it and now my fans won't return to their default profile of a low rpm when the cpu temp is low and a high rpm when the cpu temp is high.

Instead it just stays the same rpm.


Any fixes for this?

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Not sure if this is relevant to you.


Is your mobo a Gigabyte? If so have you tried using SIV to manually control your fans? I assume your fans are PWM 4-pin devices. 3-pin just run full speed whatever.


The reason I'm suggesting this is I can't manually control my PWM case fans at all with Link 4 but SIV works fine. If I use any of the Link 4 profiles - Quiet, Performance etc ALL fans speed up to full RPM simultaneously every couple of minutes depending on load. The noise is extremely irritating so I either set the Mode to Fixed or use SIV.

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