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H115i - Radiator in Front | Pump-Question


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Hallo Corsair Forum ;):


Yesterday I completed my new System with a H115i CPU Cooler.

I installed the Radiator in Front with 2x140mm Coolers in Front,

and the Pump in that direction, that I can read Corsair the right way. ;-)


In the Evening a Friend ask me, why i didn't turned the Pump?

I was a bit confused, bcause I never had an AiO CPU Watercooled

solution since now. In the morning I read the description of the H115i

but there is only written "install radiator on top" - so should I turn the

Pump, that the WaterInletHoses at the Radiator are above the

WaterInletHoses from the Pump?


Best Regards from Germany - Nils

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