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Ax1200i how do i change fan speeds


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So i have a year old top of the line pc that i spared no expense. Rampage v x99 mobo gtx 980 sli and of course ALL corsair products , 760t case , h100i cooler , corsair ddr4 ram and of course the ax1200i


So in the last month my pc has been running TERRIBLE. My pc keeps restarting every hour or so.

Its no blue screen but it just restarts. Its random too ,i will be on netflix or browsing on chrome and it just restarts with no warning. If it was a blue screen at least i would have a log.


So i am thinking it might be a power supply issue so i want to monitor the power supply and maybe check if there is a problem with it but i dunno how?

So i googled for anyone else having problems like mine with restarting every hour and i found someone on this forum who said

he changed the fan mode in corsair link and set manually to 40% and had no issues.


So i wanted to try but corsair link is not displaying my ax1200i but it is displaying my h100i. Can anyone help? and how else could i check and see if my restarts are cause of my power supply. Thanks very very much OH And ps my motherboard has never been overclocked nor has any component ever and bios is default and everything set to auto if that helps

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