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"Non-transferable" warranty


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this is my first post, but I think the subject is quite important.


The automatic question Corsair gives on warranty cases when the account name and receipt name is different, is that the warranty is non-transferable. Recently I bought a defective AIO cooler that I needed to RMA and now my current PSUs fan has begun grinding.


With the AIO cooler I tried contacting Corsair for any support on what to do with its high noise amount, but just got the non-transferable warranty answer.


I live in Finland and by Finland's legislation all warranties are for the product, and are not voided in the change of ownership. This is also taken into account in the Corsair's warranty terms.


Still, in the AIO case I started in 17.10.2016, they said it was passed into analysis in 19.10.2016 and got a final verdict in 15.11.2016, that the warranty does not abide the Finnish legislation. I still got a solution for this case by taking it to the place it was bought from. They did the RMA without asking any questions.


Now I am waiting for an answer to the PSU case I started in 13.11.2016. This time it was bought directly from Corsair's webstore, so this is my only route on the RMA.


Is this Corsair's support policy? That you do anything that can be done to not honor the warranty, even when illegal and against your own warranty terms?

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