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Dislike the keycap font, what are my options?


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So I just took home my K70 Lux RGB from Fry's yesterday and man I love this thing...


...except the keycap font. It's just too gamer-y for my taste. I frequently bring clients to my office and I really like to keep my computing hardware professional and classy looking. I dislike that text on the escape key extends to the very edge of the key with no white space, and I just noticed a few moments ago that all the numeric and symbol keys are printed upside down of their layout on most standard keyboards.


My roommate has an original K70, and his keys are literally perfect. They're exactly what I'm looking for. Any chance I can buy a set off of corsair?


Otherwise, should I just return my keyboard and pick up an original K70 RGB (which Fry's still has in stock)?


Or, should I just look around online for third party keycap sets? It seems like the spacebar and ctrl, alt, etc. keys may be a little bit different from set to set from the corsair default and I don't know if I like that either.


Any input? I'm honestly ok with it but I would like to improve the situation if possible. Thanks!

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I dont believe Corsair would be able to send you a whole set. They usually have a few sets of old keycaps laying around for replacement. But try contacting Corsair Support and see if they cant hook up.


If not then your only other options are to return the keyboard for the K70 RGB, or get a set online. But honestly getting a set online would bother me more because you cant replace the bottom row.


If you dont like any of the above depending on how badly you want a new keycap set... https://geekhack.org/ look around there. Someone might be willing to make you a set wit the correct sizes.


PS: The reason they flipped the fonts was because on the old keycaps you couldnt see the numbers that well. Its been mostly well received but some people want to look more professional and classy :D:

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As far as I know as few sites are now offering full sets compatible with Corsair keyboards too. I believe Max keyboards should have one, you might want to look there.


I clearly remember seeing on a site that a set was compatible with "Corsair custom bottom row", but I don't recall which one (and I'm in a hurry so I can't spend time to check right now :p:).

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