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CUE profile changing resets windows pointer options


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I hope title says it all, but I'll try to explain. Also I'm sorry if making new thread for this was not acceptable.



I have CUE for my K70-rgb keyboard, I don't have any other corsair peripherals.

I use two profiles for lighting. Every time when I change profile from CUE, it resets my pointer speed settings adjusted from windows control panel.


In case someone wants to know, I have Razer Synapse for mouse setup, but in this case it doesn't affect to those pointer settings. Tested several times.


It makes me wonder why is this happening, because that keyboard is only corsair device I have, and I use CUE for adjusting only keyboard settings, so how can it be that it affects to mouse settings, more precise, how can it be that it affects pointer options.


I googled for a while and saw couple of "solutions" for that, but non of them was exact same situation, either none of them gave me right solution. So I decided to come here asking if someone maybe have had that very same issue.


Tried to also look for something in control panel mouse options that would prevent other applications from adjusting those settings, but couldn't find one, yet.




Thank you already

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The reason the it can change the pointer option is because under the performance tab there a option for pointer speed.


Although if you haven't plugged a mouse in to the keyboard it shouldn't change the setting. It could be the demo devices in CUE. Click the gear icon next to the Basic/Advance switch. At the bottom enable show only connected devices.


Ill talk to the devs about fixing this bug, and just to be sure; you have not plugged a CUE mice in to the computer only a keyboard correct?

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Hi all,


i have exactly the same problem as the OP. I have a K70 keyboard, and a logitech mouse. When i start CUE, it starts messing arround with my mouse settings, which makes it basically unusable for me. Is there any workaround / fix for this already? I really love the keyboard, but that bugs me alot.


Thanks for your help!


try disabling the demo devices in general settings. Then go and re do your windows mouse settings. That should fix it.

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