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Corsair 750D Motherboard Tray Flex


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I just had a Corsair 750D sent to me via advance RMA for my existing case. I noticed that the motherboard tray is flexing. In that, I can press on it from behind and it will "pop." If I press on it again from the other side, it was "pop" back in again. This area is around where the built in standoff is, along with the optional standoff screws for a micro ATX case.


I sent back the replacement, since I did instead my motherboard into it, and it did pop in and out with applied pressure. And I worried if that could short or snap the motherboard over time.


I received a replacement for my original replacement. And once again, this too has the same issue. I am wondering if this is common for all 750Ds, or I am just getting really bad luck.


If it is the norm, should I be worried about future issues with this case, such as a board snapping, if I decide to move it.






Attached is an image of the area, and also a video showing what is going on with the flexing.



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