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[Dumb Question] How to avoid dust filter get sucked into fan blades? Any ideas?


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Hi there.


I have 2 Cooler Master JetFlo's in the front of the case to suck some coolr air to the components. As I live in a moderately dusty environment I clean the filters regularly removing the front face/bezel, but since some time ago I have some touching noise of the nylon mesh against the fan blades; particularly on the front/bottom one.


As the mesh is a soft material and I interchanged between the 3 filters and the noise continues, What I can do? I would not to remove the dust filter because it does the job decently I think.


Any ideas to deal with this?


Regards from Mexico. :D:

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This can happen as the stiffness in the filter degrades. It's hard to tell without seeing what we are talking about, but the easiest solution might be to move the fan further away from the filter. I am assuming the fan is mounted on the interior of the case, the dust filter sits on the front panel outside the case, and the front fascia piece sits over the top of the filter. See if you can find some rubber 120mm square gaskets (computer specialty stores sell these). They will be 2-4mm thick and go between the case and the fan. This will push the fan further back into the interior of the case and away from the filter. If that is too hard to find, four thick rubber washers (or two stacked up) will accomplish the same general purpose. You can probably find those at your local hardware store for little cost. That might let some air creep between the case and fan frame, but it shouldn't be catastrophic.
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Hi there to both.


Thanks for the replies!!


The fans are installed in the front space between the structure front and the front bezel. As they are CM Jetflo's they have rubber in the corners in order to prevent vibration, so they are kind of thick. (120x25mm)


The other solution to this is to install fan grills in the exterior side of the fans (the sucking air point) to avoid the mesh could touch the fan blades.


At this moment I have removed the dust filter included with the case, so I eventually buy some grills/washers to maintain the blades away from the nylon mesh.


Thanks a lot guys!

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