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Corsair RM850Xcoil whine: only kicks in once I richt click and open file explorer


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So I have this strange problem with my new computer: whenever I open file explorer I've noticed my corsair RM850x kicking in (a short audible surge or noise that sounds like whenever you put in a disc in a cd-rom, which is not present on this system, and the reading kicks in) and creating this noise at a slightly annoying frequency that sounds like coil whine. It doesn't seem to be the fan as I can not feel anything when I put my hands under the case. It only goes away (and as far as I can tell stays away) after I have streamed or played a movie. And it's the same story all over when I open file explorer again.


I have then tried to load a bunch of programs or maps like control panel, anything to see if a similar action would replicate the issue. Nothing. Only when I right click and open file explorer. It seems to not like the quick reading of the drives that you can see is happening during loadup when the green bar is loading in the location bar of the map.


Anything dangerous going on here (talking about the surge sound) and any idea what is wrong?


My system:


Windows 10 64bit

Gigabyte GA X99 Ultra Gaming


MSI GTX 1070 Z 8GB

Samsung 850 PRO 256GB

random Western Digital 1TB hdd


Corsair RM850X

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It is nothing dangerous. Had this occuring too when I was using my CX750M(been happening since brand new), but it was fine.

3 years later it couldn't really handle GTX1070 and overclocked 6700k (but not sure if related to that whine).


But should this be happening. Corsair is advertising their Rm series as very quiet: http://www.corsair.com/en/blog/2013/september/coil-whine


Yet my brand new one clearly makes noise under no load. It starts when I boot the comp up and goes away at some point after streaming a movie and then only kicks in again if I open file explorer, nothing else. Very strange behavior. I can work around it by opening control panel or any other stuff that opens a map and from there navigate my computer but it is not ideal and it leaves question marks whether things could escalate.


I should add it might or might not but coil whine, it's simply the sound of a slightly noisy airconditioner or noisy fridge. a buzzing sort of noise.

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Well turns out Corsair knew what they're talking about when they said the RM series is built for silence. I did some troubleshooting, and one of the things I tried was unplugging the Western Digital Blue hdd from the psu... and lo and behold, the noise was gone and it's totally quiet.
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So you assume it is WD HDD issue? I have WD Black and Green... Although it does not occur with my Platinum rated PSU.. And it did with CX750m (bronze rated)


Yes it is the WD HDD. When I unplug it my computer is totally quiet. When I plug it in the noise is back. In power option settings I have set it to deactivate when it stays idle for 2 mins and since I rarely use that backup drive, I'll just ignore it mostly and it will stay idle and quiet.

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