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Old Cooling Nodes and GPU Power Node Not Showing up


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This has been bugging me for ages (2 years?) so I figured I'd finally ask for help.


I've got an old unsupported Corsair Link Commander. I've loaded it up with Link 3.2.5742 on Windows 10 currently. Now, this issue was here before Windows 10 when I was on Windows 8.1. I at some point decided to use the firmware update feature on a few of my nodes and ever since they will not detect in the Link software or via SIV. I've got the commander detecting thanks to the instructions about swapping the driver-and that shows up in CL and SIV. I've also got a lighting node that shows up in both CL and SIV.http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d35/Troy_Fontaine/SIV_Link_Devices_zps6k316jq8.png


I've tried swapping cables, removing power and putting it back for one of the cooling nodes-but no matter what it simply will not detect.


Is there any sort of way to force a firmware update on them so as to get them to detect in the software again?



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SIV only half detected one cooling node and from what you have written I suspect you have two. Exactly what CL hardware do you have and which commander ports is it connected to?


It's worth power cycling the commander as once detected devices will be reported as connected until you do this even if you unplug them from the commander.


I suspect the Cooling Node firmware updates failed, but don't know if it's possible to recover things with CL 3.2.5742 or any other version of CL.


In general I am wondering what firmware is installed. Press the [ 1:7 05 ] button to get a register dump and post that screen shot along with [Link Update] + [Link Devices] + [uSB Bus].


If EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled is checked then uncheck it and press [Restart].

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Okay, did some digging... I have two cooling nodes, two lighting nodes and 1 GPU node.


Hooked up as follows:

Channel 1: Empty

Channel 2: Lighting Node

Channel 3: Cooling Node

Channel 4: Lighting Node

Channel 5: Empty

Channel 6: Empty

Channel 7: Empty

Channel 8: Cooling Node


GPU Power is connected to Cooling Node on Channel 8





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