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Old Computer, Old Memory, New Problems

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Roughly 6 years ago I build an Asus P2B system.

Ran fine till recently. In testing for what the problem was, I removed all memory chips, and ran a mem tester one chip at a time overnight.

All passed except for one.


The system has never been overclocked, Bios Settings are the same they have been successfully operating at for 6 years. No new hardware has been added in the last few years.


And hence I find myself writing you as a pre-requirement to the RMA request to Corsair.


The Chip has some numbers you may want/need.

Cor08990 CM654S128-133 002423 PC133U-333-542-A


Thank you and have a swell day!

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I have done everything listed in your

If you have submitted the RMA using the on line form and have not got a reply!


Over the past 17 days I have sent a total of 6 emails paying close attention to supply all the necessary details. name, address, part numbers, phone numbers, copy the link to my post, etc.


I have even tried giving my wife's email address in case my email is somehow not letting the reply through.


have not received any answers.


Is there any way for me to 'snail mail' them or actually call them?



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