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750d Airflow with H115i for CPU, H80iv2 for GPU, need help on fan orientation


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so this is how i currently have it


- h115i in the front with 4xML140 set in push/pull as INTAKE

- h80i-v2 in the rear with 2xML120 set in push/pull as INTAKE

- top has 2xSP140L setup as exhaust


Would the H80i be better setup as exhaust or intake?


thanks in advance


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The H115i is for the CPU, h80i is for the GPU


Ah Ok.

Personally I would put all fans from top and rear as exhausts. Front as intake.

That's what I actually have :D: Front 3x120mm fans intake, top 240mm radiator push-pull (exhaust) and read 140mm exhaust.

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