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h80i BIG PROBLEM: Fan speed is uncontrollable


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Hello, I have a Corsair h80i (running on windows 10 64bit) that worked perfectly.

I recently bought an i7 4790k and a msi gtx 1060 (before i had an i5 4670 and msi gtx 760), when i swapped my old components for the new my h80i is going bats*it insane: if my pc remains idle it's ok, as soon as i open a program (like battle.net, not even a game like overwatch) the fans start to ramp up like they're a chopper engine.

I tried everything from changing usb port to the pump, disabling the mobo fan control, the only thing that worked was connecting directly the fans on the mobo (because like this they're not controlled by the pump) but my z87g45 only has 2 cpu fan socket so it's a pain in the ***.

Corsair link isn't doing a thing to me ( i can't even change fan speed) and i always used the performance setting (rather i've never changed it and my pc was always silent).

Help :(:

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