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K70 RGB When I push the space button it will randomly push space twice.


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I bought my K70 RGB with red switches when this keyboard was first available, I had been waiting to buy it for months and I haven't had any major issues with it. But for months now I've noticed that the back light on my C button is messed up. I have a lot of profiles on my keyboard that I downloaded off this website and the C button is always a random color from the rest, the rest of my keys are fine though. I'm not sure why but this was never a big issue so I ignored it, but this space bar issue is actually pretty annoying considering I use the space bar a lot. I constantly have to go back and remove a space when I type since it keeps double spacing. I'm not having any issues with any other key as of now, does anyone know what can be causing this issue and what can I do to resolve this?
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