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CUE changes LED colours on login screen


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For some reason CUE will not load my profile from login screen on windows 10, Now I don't expect it to do it on boot but I do expect it to keep my colours when the monitors turn off after a certain amount of time. Now I have windows set to go back to the login screen after screensaver/monitor shut off which is where CUE goes off the profile, instead of my selected Bright Blue it goes yellow for some reason.

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Save the static color to the keyboard. If the monitor turns off and the system is in sleep mode/lock screen/etc, CUE is disengaged and the profile is no longer active.


Does corsair have any plans to fix this or make cue2 run as a service so profiles will stick when locking the PC, or even allow a custom profile when desktop is locked?


(since I commonly do this when I walk away from my PC by pressing Win key + L )

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