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Ax1200 and Ax1200i differences for cables?


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I purchased a couple of AX1200i power supplies and to my surprise they did not come with enough PCIE cables to populate all 8 ports. I need to use all 8 ports. So I ordered cables off of the Corsair online store for the Ax1200 PCIE cables. They arrived and do not fit my AX1200i power supplies.


Can anyone tell me the correct part # for the PCIE cables for my Ax1200i PSU's? Why doesn't Corsair include all the cables needed with the PSU anyway? The cables they sent are labeled that they are for the ax1200 only. So now I am trying to figure out if there is a difference between the axi and just ax, and if so what part do I need.


Worse yet the only way it appears I can reach Corsair is with a trouble ticket. No way to contact the web store to sort out this order mess. I am not a happy camper.

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I am surprised they're not the same. Although AXi offers that monitoring via USB, so that might be why they are different.


Although looking at Corsair store, and ScanUK store, it appears they are universal.

See: >Here<


I would have thought the same thing. Sadly the plugs are different. I just rand down some cables on eBay that should work as they have the same label/marking as the ones I got with the PSU. But the ones on the Corsair store labeled as PCIE for AX1200 do not fit.


I had to go look for TXM/HX/AXI labeled cables. Those appear to have the same ends. So heads up for anyone trying to buy cables for the AX1200i, the one on the Corsair store doesn't fit!

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