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Corsair Void Line-in issue.


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Kind of strange problem here, but i cant seem to get around to solving it through trusty ol' google.


I just recently got the Wireless Corsair Void, and besides some driver licencing issues, it was working well. However, i have a somewhat big problem for me.


You see, i run the audio for my Ps4/Wii U into the line in through the back of my PC. With my previous headset, this set up was working just fine. In fact, it was with this one too, until i installed CUE. After installing CUE, the recorded audio from the Line-in cable does not play at all.


I can confirm this easily by simply uninstalling CUE and the accompanying drivers. After i do that, the recorded audio will play no problem, but the second i reinstall, nothing.


Its a rather odd issue. Is it really CUE and the drivers? Is it related to how im currently forcing the driver licenses to function correctly through windows advanced boot options?


Thanks in advance.

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Update: Ended up solving the issue with some more googling.


After some more experimenting, the audio line in still wasnt playing after i uninstalled CUE. It didnt even work with an entirely different set of headphones either. That narrowed the problem down a bit more.


What it ended up being, was somehow the CUE installation messed with my realtek audio drivers. Since CUE probably has no drivers for line-in port stuff, my PC no longer had instructions to run it with. So, after reinstalling realtek audio drivers, then installing CUE once more, i got everything functioning correctly.

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