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Can I make the keyboard light up after I type?


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I am aware of reactive lightning, it's not that.

I am looking for an option to make the keyboard light up after I press a button for X seconds.


Just like your regular backlit laptop keyboard, for example.

0) Keyboard is dark, because no keys have been pressed for x seconds.

1) User presses a key, such as CTRL, keyboard lights up.

2) X seconds pass, no interaction, keyboard goes dark.


Story: My friend is looking for an RGB lit keyboard, and of course I thought about Corsair in that instant. But then he asked me if he can do this - this auto-turn-off thing.


And I don't know.

I have a Strafe RGB, I managed to modify the profiles I found a bit, but I am no CUE programmer expert, that's for sure.


Also, is it possible to have a pre-set profile, such as Corrosive, Rainbow, and do this auto turn off/turn on?


Thank you!

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Right now you can't do that. There are, however, a lot of requests for CUE to recognize .src files (screensavers) and to be able to bind profiles to them, which would do what you need (you'd need a screensaver). Then you would create a new profile with all lights off and bind it to the screensaver.

Screensaver launches -> lights off -> you press button -> screensaver ends -> lights on.

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Thank you.


Though this would have been more like "no lightning when you watch a movie" and things like that. I don't know why it's not in CUE though, it's not a big feature, just fade it off after X seconds, fade it on when pressing a button... weird.


Thanks for the workaround!

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