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Simple rapid fire macro on Scimitar (CUE v2)


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Hi -


I had zero issues with this in v1. I'm trying to set a simple rapid fire macro one of the Scimitar side keys. I've tried the "Left mouse button click" option - set to repeat on hold continuously (in Advanced mode). That doesn't seem to work at all.


Then I tried "Left mouse button press -> Delay 30ms -> Left mouse button release -> Delay 30ms" - on repeat on hold continuously (in Advanced mode). This seems to work, but sometimes when I press the mouse button nothing happens - then have to release and press again for it to fire.


FWIW, I'm using it in The Division on a pistol and shotgun. Never had a delay firing a weapon before, so don't think it's the game. The macro seems to have a delay sometimes - or gets stuck?

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