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low fluid ? blown head gasket


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First off its been almost a year sence ive installed the hydrocool200ex and its out performed my expectations. Today it beeped and said fill me it took about 4 oz is this normal? it also had a white foam in the reservoir looked like a car with a blown head gasket. I inspected the whole system for a leak i found none. Should this thing need fluid added? Could the foam be from some lubricant from the pump?


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Some fluid will evaporate over time. Every 4 to 6 months I have to add some fluid to my Hydrocool. It was only that low the first time when the fill alarm went off. Ever since then I check it every once and awhile to see where the water level is.
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The HC coolant and water tends to permeate over time in a few ways. So what you're see is a low level of coolant mixture along with other items ...


1. Tubing and seals allow permeability to happen.


2. The heated coolant mixture via the processor, over time, will assist in out gassing into the reservoir.


3. Like Bio-Hazard mentioned, other manufacturing oils or flux could add foam the system.


4. Trapped air finally moves freely in the unit after time.


5. Coolant doesn't last forever. The mixture will break down after a period of time. So changing it is required. Kind of like a vehicle needing an oil change or a coolant flush.


Since this is your first flush and refill, it should purge most, if not all, the manufacturing process stuff in the system.


People that buy new cars need to do this within the first 1,000-1,500 miles for the engine. After that, it starts the basic maintance routine.


I would recommend a fluid flush and refill on any PC liquid-cooling solution. Some people do this after 4-6 months of running. While others wait for the first year.


You're in good shape. Flush and refill for another period of safe and fun water-cooling computing. :sunglasse



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