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H2100 - Microphone too sensitive?


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I just bought a Corsair H2100 Greyhawk.


The sound is good, people can clearly hear me BUT im worried that the mic is broke somehow and is too senitive?


Example: I use voice activation on Teamspeak, and the problem is when i want to turn the volume up/down on the headset they can hear it trough my microphone?! (The clicking noise the scroll button makes when turning the volume up/down)


The same thing goes for when i want to mute the mic, then i need to put the microphone up, wich works fine but again people can hear the clicking noise the microphone does when changing its position.


The microphone dosent capture noise besides my voice, but as soon as i touch the headset in anyway it captures the noise generated.


Is this normal? :O


I have recorded it:


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