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Please Help - Low Audio


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So I bought the new Corsair Void USB RGB Headset and I have them something like a month, but recently their volume started to sound low... (previously, normally I would put their volume on 10 or 12 but now i need to put them on 70 or 80...). If you know how to fix this issue then please tell me, this is so annoying, I'm frustrated...
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Same issue here. I updated cue to 2.6.7 and updated my void firmware this weekend, and now the in game audio in Overwatch is way lower than normal.

All other audio volume (void voice notifications, windows sounds, music) is normal, but in-game is significantly lower than before the software/firmware update.

I must adjust the volume all the way up to get a reasonable in-game volume, and even then it's a bit to low for my preference.

Can Corsair post a link to the previous firmware version of the USB Void 7.1?


I have created a support ticket, I will update if there is a fix.

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Update 11/9/16:

Through the ticket I created I was informed that an old firmware (what I think caused the problem) cannot be forced back on the USB VOID and that the headset was defective. Corsair has a 2 year warranty and will replace it through an RMA. I decided to return mine back to my local retailer, because it was still under the stores return window (barely).


I planned on replacing with another USB VOID but the store was out of stock.


I ended up paying up ($99) for the Steelseries Arctis 5. I was able to test the volume level in-game, and the volume level is back to normal (confirming there was an issue with my VOID headset). I have not been able to test drive the Arctis 5 for an extended period of time, but here's a quick review/comparison:


Pros: More comfortable (ski strap over head creates even distribution of pressure). Audio sounds superior to VOID. Personal preference, the RGB lighting seems to match my STRAFE (VOID RGB color was slightly different). I like the RGB lighting layout, around the ear rims, looks nice.

Cons: The cables are extremely long and have interconnecting pieces that can cause a mess. Controls aren't as convenient as the VOID. On ear volume control does not control windows volume, maybe a software thing I haven't figured out yet.

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