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Survivor Stealth 64GB


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Hi All


I bought a 64GB Survivor Stealth 64GB flash drive just over a month ago and have had one major problem with it in that it keeps on corrupting itself. I have tried formatting it as exFAT and NTFS usung bith the windows builtin formatter and Rufus 2.11.995 but the problem persists. It seems to be fine for a couple of days then when the drive is put into the PC it thinks its not formatted and thats the end of that. It is always safely ejected and not just pulled out of the PC. This happens on different machines running Windows 7 and Windows 10. As this was bought to backup data and as an added bonus is waterproof I have now lost confidence in this product to store my data securely.


I have contacted the original seller but not very helpful.


Anybody have any thoughts?



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