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900D Drive Tray


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Hey folks,


Need suggestions.


My hard drives (WD Black) needed replacement under warranty. When I took them out from the hot swap bay I noticed the drive tray rubber grommets had deformed over time and just fell off the tray.




(grommets + nubs/pins are 3rd pic from the top)


Where could I buy a dozen spare grommets + locking nubs/pins?


I don't want to replace perfectly good drive trays. Unfortunately these minor parts aren't listed at Corsair's spare part store.


Can Corsair tech support help, please?

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So, I contacted Support. Neither can I buy those grommets (not sold separately) nor the drive trays because Corsair's store does not ship to my country. And unfortunately that's the only method to obtain spares.


I received much better service from another case vendor who shipped a cooling fan FOC from Taiwan (a manufacturer commonly referred to as "CM") for a 1300W PSU that was out of warranty.


I've had issues with Corsair products in the past - Neutron SSD, AX1200i PSU and H100 cooler (Corsair Support can check my RMA history) and now this 3 year old case. While the SSD, cooler and PSU were replaced under warranty this drive tray incident has left me feeling a bit let down.


Paying for an expensive case (we pay about 30% more than US prices in my country) and a few years down the line being told there's no way to obtain spares. Not the best way to retain customers.



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You're right, that's not good customer service. In my, not so humble, opinion, if they sell them in your country they should find a way to provide you with spare parts, especially when they are so small (the parts that is).


I was told to contact a local retailer for the spares. The thing is these local retailers/dealers are least interested in (re)selling spare parts which they'd have to source from Corsair US.


Add to that is the strong possibility of a big mark up which means a $20 tray would probably cost me $30-40 including Shipping, Customs Duties & retailer margin. Since I need 4 of them, it would total approx $120-160 which makes the replacement cost a significant percentage of the 900D's purchase price. Worth it? I am not very sure at this point in time.


When I compare the 900D trays to the drive trays in my Netgear 516 NAS the difference in quality is to be seen to be believed. The Netgear trays are so well made. My CM Cosmos has plastic trays but definitely of better quality than the el cheapo ones included with the 900D.


I suggest you post this in the http://www.hexus.net forums in the dedicated corsair section, one of the reps frequesnt the boards and steps in on RMA requests to get the job done. Dont lose faith just pop on over and ask again. I suggest you leave this thread out of it.


Thanks for this suggestion! I'll drop in at Hexus.net over this weekend.



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