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Losing my mind... 460X RGB


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Ever since laying my eyes on the RGB promo video Corsair has on their site I have fallen in love with this new Crystal 460X RGB case. There are other brands out there with VERY similar cases but simply just not the same without the RGB fans. And simply put.. they aren't Corsair :) I have asked Corsair about release dates and no information is available. I desperately want this thing to the point that every day twice a day I am checking the website, emails, etc... hoping for some bit of information. I look over at my old Cooler Master Storm trooper case and how ugly that thing is and just hope that today is the day the "add to cart" button is available next to the beautiful 460X RGB on the store page.....


Why is this bothering me so much? Why...


Pleaseeeee Corsair.... don't make us wait much longer.

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I did think of purchasing this case but the idea of having a dust magnet put me off and went with the 400c instead

just one window to keep clean. I can't grasp the idea of the front being clear after a week or so the filter will be full

of dust and be visible for all to see, I'd rather use the PC than have to clean it every other day. What Corsair should

have done is reverse the air flow front fans blowing outwards, rear and top fans sucking air in as standard.

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