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Need help setting up a macro to fill those TPS reports


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I have a couple of Corsair products but love my Scimitar RGB the best. Right now I'm using it to reduce the amount of effort I have to put into being at work. I've bound most of the keys to such things as COPY and PASTE. I have one key I've set to a string of text that I find myself writing a lot. That's a huge relief, never having to type that ever again :)


Right now though, I'm thinking that there must be a way to create a macro that on pressing a G key (say G7) a text string is outputted to file I'm working on, then the next time I press G7 a different text string is outputted. Effectively I'd be able to cycle through 5 or 6 text strings until I get the one I want.


any ideas on how I should write such a macro?

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