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K30 driver issue: Hotkeys no more detected after each reboot on last Windows version


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A new issue with my K30 appeared since a few days:


Each time I reboot my PC, the K30 lose its special functionalities:

  • Programmable keys are not working anymore
  • When launching the config utility, the luminosity and pulse led options have no effect

What I have to do each time is to reinstall the K30 software, and then it works again.



The issue seems new because K30 was working ok before the last Windows 10 update.


Any idea what I should do to fix this?


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Thank you, the application launch was disabled in msconfig, it was the reason why it wasn't working.


And yes saving the config to the hardware can be an option, the only problem is that programming macros with hardware activated is quite long to do, here's the procedure for:

  1. Launch config tool
  2. Disable hardware reading
  3. Record the macro
  4. Save profile to hardware
  5. Enable hardware reading


Without hardware reading, it's a lot shorter:

  1. Record the macro


So I understand that hardware option can be a way to lock the configuration. In my case I don't see the use for as I principaly use the macros with development apps, and so I need to be able to record macros 'on the fly'.


What is the use of recording macros on the hardware? Does it has a compatibility with games? Or for some other use?

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Assuming the K30 works like a K90 keyboard;


I don't think you need to disable hardware playback, pressing save again should just overwrite whatever was stored in the keyboard.


Having better compatibility with games is one benefit and the ability move the keyboard around to different computers with macros (without the software) is another.

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